What are classes like?

All classes are different but most classes follow a similar rhythm.

We start with a brief discussion about IKMF news. A reminder to tell the instructor about any injuries or problems.

Then the class starts with some warm up games, normally involving running, movement drills and ground exercises.

We then do some stretching.

The class moves on to some basic striking drills on pads.

Then an aggression game involving some contact with the partner and striking or kicking a pad. Adding in some realism.

We then look at a specific problem and the various solutions (for example, drunken attacks outside a bar, random knife attacks, choke attacks, dealing with aggressive crowds etc). Normally teaching various closed and open techniques and principles. Lessons are taught according to the official IKMF Syllabus and the problems that are most pressing in Vienna.

Often we then spend about 15 minutes looking at a problem on the ground (using mats).

We finish with a game recapping some of the techniques we have done throughout the class.

Class ends with stretching and discussion.

Normally the class takes 1.30 to 1.45. Students are welcome to leave earlier if they need to.

After class finishes there is normally about 20 minutes or so for students to do some free practice if they wish or some kick boxing style sparing or ground sparing.