Why choose to train with the IKMF?

We are completely open about our lineage.

The IKMF was founded with the approval of Imi Lichtenfeld the creator and founder of Krav Maga in 1996 who approved the syllabus and ranks of all members. All IKMF Instructors are certified (normally after many years as a Student) after a grueling 180+ training course carried out by members of the Israel Global Instructor Team of Experts lead by our Chairman Avi Moyal (who received his expert level from Imi himself in 1985). All IKMF instructors also have to undergo mandatory six monthly training with the Israel G.I.T Experts to keep up global standards.

There are no rules or regulations about who can call themselves a Krav Maga Instructor or even what Krav Maga is. Krav Maga simply means Contact Combat in Hebrew (or close quarters combat) and as such other systems not related to Imi's legacy have also "borrowed" the name with things ranging from Israeli Karate to Self Created systems also using the term Krav Maga. The only sure way of knowing is to investigate the background of the instructor and their connections with the teachings of Imi Lichtenfield the founder and creator of Krav Maga. Sadly some instructors have little or no connection to any type of genuine Krav Maga and they are simply using the name Krav Maga to market their system or skills collected in general Martial Arts (their system might be great, I don't know, but it sure isn't battle tested Krav Maga!).

The IKMF trains the best in the World

The IKMF train hundreds of the top Israel and global Special Forces and Police Units. For example here is the IKMF training the French Foreign Legion. As well as providing internationally recognised Civilian Self Defence training (Shown here by IKMF Frankfurt on German television) or specialised courses for women such as Stay Away Women's Self Defence Seminars (Shown here being conducted in Argentina)

We are a truly International organisation, if you move you can take the IKMF with you.

The Krav Maga Fire is Vienna's only International Krav Maga Federation School. The IKMF currently have instructors in 80 Countries and as the largest Krav Maga organisation in the World we are expanding fast. If you move, travel or simply want to train on vacation there is likely to be a IKMF Club to welcome you. For example we have 39 different schools in Germany. All Student gradings are carried out to the same internationally standards (by the G.I.T Team) so if you move overseas your gradings and certificates will be equally valid too.

Der Spiegel TV did a 2016 on our Berlin branch as well as visiting our HQ in Israel (Here)